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CIBTvisas is the largest and most established provider of travel visa and passport solutions in the world, with over 70 wholly-owned offices in 25 countries providing services worldwide. Our global coverage allows us to offer clients a consistent global client experience with all offices utilizing common systems, procedures and training.

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Unparalleled Service

Each year, our 1700+ worldwide professionals obtain over 1.2 million visas and passports on behalf of our clients. Exclusive to our corporate clients and travel industry partners, CIBTvisas offers enterprise-class solutions that create individualized, exceptional experiences for each and every traveler.

Innovative Technology Solutions

CIBTvisas clients access an easy to use proprietary online database of the latest travel requirements for virtually anywhere in the world. Once a traveler enters their trip details CIBTvisas creates a custom simplified application form specific to their itinerary.
CIBTvisas’s highly trained experts then thoroughly review completed traveler applications before they are submitted to an Embassy, Consulate, or visa processing center to ensure personal, accurate, and secure service. Real-time order tracking allows travelers to follow their applications through each step of the application process.

Comprehensive Client Communications

CIBTvisas ensures their corporate clients are kept up to date regarding their existing orders and what their planned future travel might require. Our proactive communications include:

  • Visa Alert notifications
  • Confirmation emails at document receipt and dispatch, with tracking
  • Real time status checks at both the individual and account manager level
  • Passport expiration reporting and messaging
  • Business Travel Assessment tool

Truly Custom Client Solutions

CIBTvisas is proud to be a collaborative partner with 75% of Fortune 500 companies. Our dedicated account and service teams ensure that a client’s unique needs are met as their business needs evolve and the global travel landscape changes.
CIBTvisas offers a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Consistent service delivery across a global footprint
  • Access to expert advice
  • Superior traveler experience with customer support, online and offline support; 97% client satisfaction
  • Integration with all major TMCs, GDS and OBTs
  • Solutions to ensure that the most legally compliant visa is issued, every time
  • National expertise and global solutions
  • Compliant and secure policies and processes
  • Dedicated relationship management
  • Intelligent reporting and controls

Fully Compliant and Secure

CIBTvisas understands complex global compliance issues and is committed, at all levels within our organization, to keeping your organization and your employees safe.

  • Strict adherence to complex global and national legislation and HR regulations
  • Consistent monitoring and audits to ensure personal data and documents are never compromised
  • Significant annual investments in secure IT systems and infrastructure

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